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Last updated: 01-02-2018

Roopkund trek blogs


What 5 Things Make Roopkund the Complete Package?

It’s India’s most popular hike for a reason

During the high season each year, thousands of adventure-seekers pack their bags and converge on the enchanting trail of Roop Kund for what I can sincerely say is the trek of a lifetime.

What about this trek is so adept at thrilling its visitors? Let’s look at the five things that keep it that way.

1. High Altitude Meadows

2. Sky-High Lake

3. Skeletons

4. Snow

5. Doability

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Roopkund Trek Blogs

Why do I Need a Guide for Roop Kund?

Let’s be honest- Roop Kund trek is definitely doable on your own. But just because you can do something, does not mean you should.

For those wishing to try a more independent version of Roop Kund, you happen to be in luck. Because Roop Kund is a suitable trek to take on without a full crew, but without a guide.

Why, you ask?

Here are the top three reasons:

  1. High Traffic
  2. The Dhaba Scene
  3. Temporary Rentable Shelters

But what is definitely needed is a qualified guide without whom you must not plan because a good guide will be...

  1. Qualified in mountaineering techniques
  2. Certified in First Aid & CPR
  3. Trained in Rescue operations
  4. Able & experienced enough to plan efficiently

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Roopkund Trek Blogs

What all peaks do you see around Roopkund?

Have you ever been in a situation when you have reached the top of a mountain or a beautiful viewpoint with peaks all around and you either don't know the name of those peaks or can't recognize them?

You can spot some of the most magnificent peaks from the trail like:

  1. Trishul 1 & 2
  2. Nanda Ghunti
  3. Neelkanth
  4. Chaukhamba
  5. Jaonli 
  6. Gangotri
  7. Jogin & more..

Here are all of them with amazing pictures and explanation.

Roopkund Trek Blogs

What is the mystery behind the skeletons of Roopkund Lake?

These estimated 300 skeletons, which have been carbon dated back to 9th century A.D. (around 1,200 years old), have become legendary across India for their mysterious presence at this frozen lake 16,499 feet above sea level.

But what's the mystery of the skeletons?

The unanswered questions give us infinite stories and theories. Some say they are Yatris of the Nanda Raj Jat yatra, some say it was the sins of Raja Jasdhaval, and there are many such stories around armies, traders, and so on.

Here's a detailed & interesting take from Mr. Alagappan Ramaswamy on the various stories. 

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Roopkund Trek Blogs

The trek that gives back: What Roopkund means to locals

While we often go on and on trying to explain to our friends and family back home what the trail did for “me,” we forget sometimes that the trek is giving a lot more to people than something pretty to look at.

For us trekkers, it gives awe, refreshment, and inspiration.

For others, it literally gives life. And Roopkund Trek deserves some special recognition for this. It has become a crucial livelihood source for the people of not just Lohajung but many regions around it in Uttarakhand state.

Allow me to explain. Read more.

Roopkund Trek Blogs

No Fairytale Crap: Why I don’t want a flawless trek

“Dude! How was it??” They’ll ask you when you get back from your trek.

“Everything was perfect! We had no problems or challenges and everything was pretty easy.”

That is not what a perfect trek is- not even close.

When is the last time you watched a movie (that you enjoyed) where the characters didn’t have to solve a problem or achieve some personal growth through a struggle they overcame? I hope never- that movie would be, for lack of a better adjective, sucky.

Read more about Cambria Sawyer's personal experience of the Roopkund Trek.

Roopkund Trek Blogs

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