How Govt./PSU Employees can avail Special Casual Leaves for a Trek

Girish Kumar

Last updated: 21-10-2015

Participants who work in Govt./PSUs should check the leave rules in their personnel manual. Most of the Govt. departments & PSUs have leave rules wherein Government/PSU Employees who participate in mountaineering/trekking expeditions, which have the approval of Indian Mountaineering Foundation can avail special casual leaves.

Here is how you can get the Approval of IMF :

IMF gives approval to :

A. Treks organized by agencies registered/affiliated with IMF or
B. Treks organized by individuals affiliated to IMF either directly or through affiliated clubs.

In case you fall under Category A, request your trek organizer to get the approval. They can write a letter to IMF informing about the trek & can get the approval.

In case you fall under Category B, apply to IMF directly . The documents which IMF require are :

i) NOC (no objection certificate) from your company. You can apply for it to the concerned authority in your company. Generally it is your HOD.

ii) Detailed Itinerary of your trek.

iii) A Map of the route you will take. It can be a hand drawn map.

You should contact IMF at the time of applying & confirm the updated requirements at that time, if any . You can contact IMF at their office number 011-24111572

In case you do not fall under any of the above categories, you are required to :

i) Register for Affiliate Membership of IMF.

You have to fill up online IMF Affiliate Membership Form. Registration fee for Affiliate members is Rs. 1000/= per year as on 20.10.2015. Payment can be made online or through demand draft. Details are available at IMF Website:

ii) After you have received the Affiliate Membership of IMF,follow the steps mentioned for Catagory B

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  • DEEPIKA KHARE | 01 April 2017

    Hi there!I want to know are all your treks approved by IMF and Can special casual leave be availed for it as per GOI circular.Thanks

  • Girish Kumar | 14 April 2017

    Hi Deepika . We are registered with IMF. So we can get their approval for any of our trek batch.