9 Reasons To Do The Everest Base Camp Trek

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Last updated: 14-02-2024

Regarded as a classic, there is barely anyone in the trekking community who wouldn’t be familiar with the star trek of Nepal, Everest Base Camp Trek, lovingly called EBC. It is one of the three most popular treks in Nepal alongside Annapurna Circuit Trek and Annapurna Base Camp Trek and with good reasons which go beyond being the base of the tallest mountain on earth. Confronted by photogenic views on every corner, beautiful mornings and even better sunsets in the midst of sharp peaks, ridges and mountain walls on all sides, the region is a world of its own and a striking one at that.

While you may know what EBC is, we are here to tell you some of our favourite highlights from the trek.


9 Reasons To Do The Everest Base Camp Trek

The Beautiful Everest Base Camp Trek In Nepal


1.) The International Appeal 

Being home to tall mountains makes Nepal a huge draw for climbers and trekkers from across the globe. Apart from introducing it to its own magnificent culture, Nepal, and especially the Base Camp of Everest, double up as a melting pot of global cultures as trekkers from different corners of the world make this journey to the foot of the tallest mountain in the world alongside each other. The trek has major international appeal. We are pretty sure while you are on this trek, you will already be planning another one in some other part of the world with someone you just only met!


9 Reasons To Do The Everest Base Camp Trek

Trekking To The Everest Base Camp

Picture Courtesy: Shayon Bagchi


2.) Flight to Lukla 

The flight to Lukla is often said to be one of the most thrilling parts of this journey. Why is that you ask? Here’s why: This 30-minute flight from Kathmandu to Lukla is one which gives you magnificent views. But besides that, the thrill is almost entirely in the landing at Lukla airport which lies at an altitude of 2,846M. Landing at this altitude already makes things a little unpredictable because of the weather, thin air and suddenly changing climactic conditions. 

To make things more interesting, the runway at this airport is only 1730 feet long. Just to give you some context, in general runways are around 3000 feet long which means that the one at Lukla is only a little over 50% of the length of a general runway.

The runway is also flanked by tall 7000M mountains on both sides adding to the drama to the entire landing scene!

It is a little scary, we’re not going to lie. But it is an experience you will remember fondly for a long time to come.


9 Reasons To Do The Everest Base Camp Trek

Runway At Lukla Airport

Picture Courtesy: Srijan Banerjee 



9 Reasons To Do The Everest Base Camp Trek

Breathtaking Views From the Flight

Picture Courtesy: Srijan Banerjee


3.) The Sagarmatha National Park  

This magnificent park which was added to the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1979 is a biodiversity hub. Rich in flora and fauna, the Sagarmatha National Park is home to rare species of animals like snow leopards and lesser pandas amongst other innumerable common species which are found in numbers here like weasels, hares, jackals, wolves and many more. 

It is also home to around 200 species of birds – some rare, some common but all who call the dense forests of this park home. 

The park has many trekking trails within it; it also introduces you to the unique culture of the mountain communities which live within its borders in complete harmony with their surroundings. 


9 Reasons To Do The Everest Base Camp Trek

The Sagarmatha National Park 

Picture Courtesy: Srijan Banerjee


4.) Namche Bazaar

The trailhead for Everest and other Himalayan peaks in the region, Namche Bazaar is probably the most popular mountain town known to anyone who climbs in Nepal. This small town with a small local population at the altitude of 3,440M is a pit stop for every trekker in the region. With its charming location walled in by tall mountains, and an even more delightful local population, it is a colourful town which is literally a bazaar where you can buy everything from Tibetan artifacts to local herbs and climbing equipment. 

It is also home to the world’s highest Irish Pub named, well, The Irish Pub. This is where all stories of success and learning from the climbers from across the globe unfold, over many glasses of beer.

Namche Bazaar goes by many titles, some of which are ‘The Gateway to Everest’, ‘The Sherpa Capital’ and many more. 


9 Reasons To Do The Everest Base Camp Trek

The Namche Bazaar On The EBC Trail

Picture Courtesy: Srijan Banerjee


5.) The Sherpa Culture 

Sherpas are known for their superhuman power and for guiding people into high mountains. It is actually an ethnic community who get their name from the Tibetan word ‘Eastern People’. They live in the many folds of the Khumbu region and are known to be as warm as they are strong. It is a delight to witness the Sherpa people in their own region and feel welcomed by them into their homes. 

They have a distinct culture, set of beliefs and traditional practices which are very wholesome to experience. You can feel their strong connection with not only the mountains but every part of the natural environment has an important role to play in their everyday living. This is probably what gives them the phenomenal strength on the back of which climbers from all around have made their way to the top of the world.


9 Reasons To Do The Everest Base Camp Trek

The Sherpas


6.) The Tengboche Monastery 

The route to EBC is stippled with monasteries. While each one, small and big, holds its own significance, one special monastery which is revered in the region is the Tengboche Monastery. Located on a hill above the Dudh Koshi river, it is a centuries-old Buddhist monastery which is best known for its magnificent views of Everest and the surrounding peaks and also the grand view of rhododendron forests and glacial streams. The location and the height of the monastery give it a vantage point that will give you a view of the entire valley underneath. 

The monastery is also known to be the celebration point of one of the important festivals of the Sherpa community. Mani Rimdu is a 19-day long festival which is celebrated here in October and November.  


9 Reasons To Do The Everest Base Camp Trek

On The Trail Near The Tengboche Monastery

Picture Courtesy: Srijan Banerjee


7.) The Teahouses 

The teahouse culture is unique to Nepal. These small establishments all along the trail manage all your food and accommodation needs. You will be surprised at the sheer luxury of these wooden hotels at such high altitudes – from the choice of food and beverage to the warmth and cleanliness of the rooms that make you forget the altitude you are at – here comfort is the last thing you will need to worry about. 

These small businesses are run by locals who are exceptionally warm and welcoming – don’t be surprised if you find yourself wanting to come back to Nepal just for its teahouses! 


9 Reasons To Do The Everest Base Camp Trek

The Teahouses On The trail

Picture Courtesy: Abhishaik Sud


8.) The Final Destination 

We don’t have to spell this one out! In a trek to the Everest Base Camp, the Everest Base Camp is obviously a pretty major highlight! Not just for the views but this largest base camp in the world which is a town in itself is testament to the spirit of adventure that each of us embody. The energy of this place is electric and the conversations, most inspiring. The rest, we will leave for you to experience on your own when you get here. 


9 Reasons To Do The Everest Base Camp Trek

  At The Everest Base camp

Picture Courtesy: Srijan Banerjee


9.) Kala Patthar Hike 

As the most popular trek in Khumbu region, the Base Camp for Everest is a definite magnet but a trek little further from there to Kala Patthar offers much better views of the region and of the mighty Everest itself, as compared to views from the Base Camp. Kala Patthar is situated above Gorakshep (5,170M) which is the last settlement in the Khumbu Valley. 

The short hike from the base camp to here is quite a task because of the altitude – the breathlessness makes it an even more thrilling experience!

There is no dearth of reasons why you should come to Everest Base Camp – the list is endless. But we hope that these were enough to convince you for now. 

See you up there, we’ll be waiting :)



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