Dayara Bugyal in Winters: What To Expect

Geethanjali Jujjavarapu

Last updated: 23-01-2024

This five-day trek in Uttarakhand transports you into one of the largest meadows you would have come across and what is better, it is covered in a thick carpet of snow during the winters. The snow carpeted meadows of Dayara Bugyal open up to some of the best views of the Garhwal Himalayas along with birds eye views of the coniferous forests also covered in snow which you left behind while making your way to the top. While Dayara Bugyal is a scenic trek no matter which season, we believe it’s extra special in winters and makes for the perfect winter trek!


In this article we look at how Dayara Bugyal is different in the winters and why it should be your choice for your next winter adventure!


Dayara Bugyal in Winters: What To Expect


Temperatures in Dayara Bugyal in Winters

During winters, day temperatures in Dayara Bugyal range between 8℃ and 12℃. At night, temperatures drop to -5℃ and can go down to -10℃. While the day temperatures are not too low, the sub zero temperatures at night can make it a tad bit challenging. It is important to adequately layer ourselves to ensure our bodies are warm and safe from extreme temperatures. 

Snow is typically found towards the end of December and can be seen throughout the trail from the basecamp to the end of the trail. 


What Makes Dayara Bugyal Special in Winters?


The Expanse of Snow Covered Meadows

Dayara Bugyal offers some of the largest expanses of meadows in the Himalayas and in winters they are all draped in a thick layer of snow, transforming the region into a winter wonderland. Adventure enthusiasts even use these meadows as their playground to ski and snowboard when the snow conditions allow for it.


Experience a Snow Fall

Snowfalls have been romanticised for as long as we can remember and for good reason! Witnessing a snowfall can be a magical experience and where better to experience it than on an endless meadow in the Himalayas. And if it’s the first snowfall of the season then you can witness the entire landscape transform from shades of green to spotless white in a matter of a few hours or even overnight! 


Frozen Gui Lake

Gui Lake is located close to the Gui Campsite where we reach on Day 2 of the trek. The winter temperatures cause a thick sheet of ice to be formed on the lake which remains sturdy even during the day. It makes for a captivating sight with the ice sheet shimmering in the morning sun with the backdrop of coniferous forests covered in snow. Maybe take a walk on it if you are feeling adventurous! 


Dayara Top

The snow covered Dayara Top is a treat to the eyes after a challenging climb. The snowy white landscape opens up to offer 180 degree views of Gangotri I, II and III along with Mt.Bandarpoonch and Kalanag which make for some of the most prominent peaks in Garhwal Himalayas. 


Dayara Bugyal in Winters: What To Expect


Landscapes of Dayara Bugyal

The colours of green and brown dominate the scenery during summers, with endless grasslands that prove to be a little too beautiful. Wild flowers can be found all over the meadows, adding colours of yellow and pink to the green carpet. The forests of Oak, Maple and Rhododendron are vibrant with fresh leaves that slowly dry up as autumn takes over. Small streams of water can be found along the trail and a gentle sound from their movement can be heard as we make our way forward.

The landscape is completely transformed during the winters with snow whitewashing every element in the vicinity. The meadows look like someone put a big white blanket over them and it makes for a stunning sight with the backdrop of snow capped Garhwal peaks. Trees in the forests are crusty and covered in snow and the streams are frozen. It is almost as if you walked through a wardrobe and entered the world of Narnia!


Rated Level 2, on the BRS (Bikat Rating Scale), Dayara Bugyal makes for the perfect winter adventure if you are a beginner in the mountains. You can circle back to us if you don’t gasp when you look at the expanse of snowy meadows on this trek!


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