Coolest biking tours around the world to add to your Bike-It list

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Last updated: 25-05-2017

List of Best biking tours aroud the world


“Bikers don’t have a bucket list. They have a Bike-it list.”

Every hardcore biker has an ambitious list of all the biking tours he wants to take around the world. Cycling is his constant high, and challenging paths his dope. 

There is an experience of inexplicable joy when a biker paddles his bike through the hairpin bends, the dirty off-road trails, and the jaw-dropping vistas, a joy only s/he can understand. No matter how much the legs scream or the lungs burst, paddling forward is always the motto.

In case you haven’t made your ‘Bike-It’ list yet, here are few of the biking tours around the world that every avid biker should absolutely add to their list. If you already have one, match it with your list to make sure you haven’t left out any of these options.

1. Tour de France

The oldest and most prestigious bike race around the world, Le Tour de France is every biker’s dream. If not as a part of cycling event, you can follow the circuit and bike around France and neighboring countries.

Europe is a continent of enthralling beauty. Needless to say how magnificent the views of the trail which passes through Pyrenees and Alps are going to be. It is an opportunity to bike around and explore France, one of the most geographically diverse countries in Europe. If you have France on your bucket list, make your wish come true with a biking experience.

Coolest biking tours around the world to add to your Bike-It list

2. Manali-Khardungla Cycling Expedition

One reason why an avid biker should sign up for Manali-Leh Cycling Expedition is that it goes all the way up to Ladakh. And, everyone knows what a paradise Ladakh region is. The other reason is that it is massively packed with action. If you want to get high on adrenaline, this is your dope.

Starting from Manali, the 11-day cycling tour takes you through five high-altitude Himalayan passes, twirling around the hairpin bends of Gata Loops, crossing the Moray Plains, and making you touch the sky in Khardung La at an altitude of 18,000 ft. Manali - Khardungla Cycling Tour is an accomplishment to be proud of and worth boasting to your friends.

Coolest biking tours around the world to add to your Bike-It list

3. New Zealand Volcano Tour

With so many adventurous options, New Zealand is outdoor lover’s paradise. Hence, a perfect destination for a bicycling adventure. Take an 8-day bike tour around North Island’s Tongariro National Park with the jaw-dropping scenery at every turn.

The views of the massive volcano peaks, turquoise alpine lakes, and rolling countryside feel like walking into a daydream. It is a great adventure activity if you happen to travel to New Zealand. Also, visit the glow in dark Waitomo Caves while you are at it.

Coolest biking tours around the world to add to your Bike-It list

4. Coastal Ireland Cycling

The best way to unravel the breathtaking coasts of Ireland is on a bike trip. Take an eight-day biking trip around the west Ireland starting from Galway and enjoy the raw & picturesque landscapes. Not only it will get you away from the mainstream touristy places but will let you experience adventure and nature.

Soak in the beauty of Emerald Isle on your bike tour as you cycle through the jaw-dropping destinations such as  Dingle Peninsula, Ring of Kerry, and Killarney National Park. Enjoy your sojourn in the country homestays and of course, the world-famous Irish Beer.

Coolest biking tours around the world to add to your Bike-It list

5. Old Silk Route Biking Trip

Get onto the ancient silk route which connected China to India through Sikkim. Start your biking trip from New Jalpaiguri passing through Lhasa and Nathu La via Zuluk to Siliguri in West Bengal. The mesmerizing views along the route is what makes it the coolest biking tour around the world.

The 56 thrilling hairpin bends of Zuluk are what get bikers excited. There is a gleaming blue lake at a stretch of every 2 km. Experience the local homestay in the remote villages along the route. Ride the Yak along the Nathang Valley if you may. But you gotta put this on your list.

By Madhumitaworld

Coolest biking tours around the world to add to your Bike-It list

6. Bryce and Zion Biking Tour, Utah

If you haven’t put Bryce National Park on your bike-it list, it is highly recommended that you do. The red rock wonders and wide-open landscapes in the south of Utah have intrigued many wanderlusting souls and adventure junkies. The trail passing through Bryce and Zion National park is like no other.

The emerging vistas of sunrise, the Bryce amphitheatre view from the Inspiration Point, the surreal views of Milky Way are few of the things you get to view on your 6-day biking trip. This biking trip is an excellent package of biking and hiking to the most beautiful places on the earth.

Coolest biking tours around the world to add to your Bike-It list

7. Mishmi Hills in Arunachal Pradesh

When it comes to adventure and scenic beauty, there isn’t any better place than North East to have best of both worlds. Mishmi Hills in Arunachal Pradesh is one such biking trip. The 15-day challenging biking trip starts from Namdapha National park till Acheso Valley where the road ends with China on the other side.

As you traverse through varied landscapes, you will also come across the important tribes in the region.The whole experience is so enlightening as you get to know the culture and tradition of people. The bike trip feels like entering into an altogether a different world.

Coolest biking tours around the world to add to your Bike-It list

8. Argentina Photo-Cycling Tour

What makes Argentina a perfect destination for a biking trip are its diverse landscapes. Pedal your way through rainforests, stunning rock formations, and Andes Mountains. Stop along the way to explore Inca ruins, Andes Mountains, cloud forests, and wine and cheese tasting.

The famous Inca trail in Northern Argentina is a major trade and cultural route between Buenos Aires, Bolivia, and Peru. The dazzling geographical formations of Quebrada de las Conchas are the showstopper of the biking trip. The 8-day biking tour is the perfect way to explore Argentina and neighbouring countries.

Coolest biking tours around the world to add to your Bike-It list

What are you waiting for? You have a bike and now you have your Bike-it list too. Get out of your zone and ride onto the epic biking adventures of your lifetime.

Get, set, paddle!

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