Bikat Pass Terms & Conditions 

Please read the terms & conditions mentioned below carefully as they constitute an integral part of the “Bikat Pass” privilege. All details advertised on our website and other communications regarding “Bikat Pass” are operated by Bikat Adventures Pvt. Ltd, a company registered under the Indian Companies Act, 2013 (herein referred to as ‘the company’, ‘us’, ‘we’ or ‘our’). Upon purchase of Bikat Pass, the buyer (herein referred to as ‘pass holder’, ‘holder’, ‘you’) is entitled to its benefits subject to the following term & conditions.

1. Benefits – Bikat Pass provides the buyer access to 80 trekking itineraries (as mentioned in appendix) out of which 25 itineraries can be booked for free and 55 itineraries can be booked with a 30% discount. There is no limit on the number of treks booked by one pass holder within the validity defined.

2. Validity – Pass will be valid for the entire calendar year of 2020. However, to avail the benefits, the pass holder will have to book a trek that has its ‘start date’ and ‘end date’ falling within 2020, i.e., the end date for the trek has to be on or before 31st December 2020.

3. Applicability – The above benefit is only applicable for batches with fixed departures. The itinerary or the inclusions of the trek cannot be customized in any way (except availing add-ons after due payment). For ‘free treks’, the booking will only be offered in confirmed fixed departure batches.

4. Eligibility – Pass holder can only book treks for which he/she is eligible in terms of experience & fitness. Treks offered (both free & discounted) belong to different difficulty levels as per the Bikat Rating Scale(BRS). Interested participants must fulfill certain criteria (past trekking experience) to be eligible for a particular trek. Discretion to ascertain eligibility resides in the hands of the company.

5. Booking – To avail the benefits of the pass, the pass holder is required to reach out to the Bikat team and book a trek (free or discounted) at least one month prior to the start date of the itinerary. All bookings shall be considered confirmed only once written confirmation has been sent to the pass holder.

6. No Partial Payment - To book a discounted trek, a pass holder will be required to make the full amount due (Price mentioned on the itinerary page minus 30% discount). No partial payments allowed.

7. Clubbing Benefits – Pass holders cannot club the benefits of any ongoing promotional offer/discount voucher/individual vouchers/refund vouchers/gift vouchers/membership vouchers etc. with the benefits of the Pass. Post-booking benefits available to non-pass holders like Inaugural vouchers/booking cashback/referral vouchers etc. shall not be credited for bookings made while availing the benefits of the Pass.

8. Cancellation – An extension of the existing cancellation policy already applicable for non-pass holders, pass holders are required to communicate, in writing, their inability to participate in a trek that they have booked by utilizing the Bikat pass. Pass holder has to cancel their participation at least 15 days before the starting day of the trek. The inability to cancel before the stipulated time period or not being present at the reporting place according to the reporting time will be treated as a case of no-show. For example, for an itinerary that starts on the 20th July, confirmation of cancellation should be completed on or before the 5th.

      8.a. Free Treks – Any incidence of no-show will attract a penalty of INR 3000 payable by the pass holder. Pass-holder will not be able to avail the benefits of the pass without clearing the outstanding penalty. Pass holders can, as per their discretion, book any number of treks and cancel them within the time period allowed.

      8.b. Discounted Treks – Any incidence of no-show will lead to forfeiture of the complete paid amount (including add-ons, GST or any other additional payment made by the pass holder). For a confirmed booking that is cancelled within the allowed time period, a voucher shall be generated with the amount equal to the paid amount (excluding add-ons & GST). The voucher will be visible on your Bikat dashboard and can be used for any future booking. In case the future booking is again for a ‘discounted trek’, the pass holder can only utilize either of the two - the voucher refund OR the 30% discount benefit, not both at the same time.

For example – You are a pass holder who wants to book a ‘discounted trek’ worth INR 20000. To book, you will need to pay only INR 14000 (plus any add-ons availed & GST). If you cancel within the permissible time limit, your dashboard will be credited with a voucher worth INR 14000. However, whenever you will use the voucher for another trek (except ‘free treks’), you will not be able to avail the discount available otherwise to a pass holder. Hence, to book a trek worth INR 20000, you will have the option to use your INR 14000 voucher and clear the balance by making an additional payment of INR 6000 OR you can elect to not use the voucher and then pay INR 14000 for the fresh booking.

Please note – Pass holders are not eligible for a cash refund. Notwithstanding any provision mentioned in this T&C, all cases of cancellations shall be treated as per the existing cancellation policy of the company.

9. Add-ons – The benefits available to a pass holder is only limited to the price of the trek (as mentioned on the itinerary page). Charges for add-ons like insurance, transportation, offloading (wherever applicable) have to be paid in full by the participant to confirm their booking. The above condition is applicable to both – free & discounted treks.

10. Reporting – In addition to the booking & cancellation policy, all other policies & regulations which are relevant to a non-pass participant are also applicable to a pass holder participant. All participants will be required to read and sign a written document that contains said regulations (also referred to as ‘the undertaking form’) and abide by the provisions therein. Additionally, all pass holders are required to present their Bikat Pass Cards to our representatives, along with a valid Govt-issued photo ID (PAN card not allowed) at the time of reporting.

11. Non-Transferable – The terms of the Bikat Pass are non-negotiable and the benefits provided therein are completely non-transferable. Any attempt by a bonafide pass holder to transfer the benefits to any other person may result in the cancellation of said pass holder’s privileges.


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