Pin Bhaba Pass Trek Blogs

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Last updated: 11-04-2019

Pin Bhaba Pass Trek Blogs


Nestled in one of the most challenging valleys of Himachal Pradesh, Pin Bhaba Pass is a moderate-difficult trek with a maximum altitude of 16125 FT. Also known as Tarik La, the Pin Bhaba Pass Trek is a crossover from the dense forests and the shepherd's trail of Kinnaur in Himachal Pradesh and the stark Pin valley in Spiti. Being one of the unique treks that can be done in the monsoon as well, Pin Bhaba pass trek often compared to its sister Pin Parvati Pass trek is a comparatively less challenging trek starting from a completely different yet beautiful valley of Himachal.

This blog talks about why Pin Bhaba Pass trek is one of the most beautiful treks and is a must-do for any trekker.


Pin Bhaba Pass Trek Blogs


1. 5 highlights of the Pin Bhaba Pass Trek

This trail is mostly used by shepherds who commute between the Kinnaur valley and the Pin valley. This trail takes you through stunning meadows, a unique opportunity of camping on a river delta, a thrilling cross over the pass, and the barren yet stunning landscape of Spiti.

1. Amazing campsites of Muling and Kara

2. River delta of Pushtirang

3. Snow slide at the pass

4. Flowers found during the trail

5. Contrasting landscapes of Bhaba valley of Kinnaur and pin valley of Spiti…Read more


Pin Bhaba Pass Trek Blogs


2. Reasons why Pin Bhaba pass trek is one of the most beautiful treks

If you have done a list of Himalayan treks and have not considered doing the Pin Bhaba pass trek then you should seriously consider doing this as your next trek. I’m sure it is going to top your list and keep you wanting for more. Though a moderately challenging trek, Pin Bhaba pass will let you enjoy every aspect of the trail at the same time show its majestic complexity. You get to camp at some of the most pristine meadows, adventurous stream crossings and enjoy the snow slides. It is loaded with gems listed as follows:

1. Dreamy feeling at Mulling meadows

2. Peaceful and composed Kara campsite

3. Stream crossing towards Pushtirang

4. Gorgeous views from the pass

5. Snow shifts on the way to Bara Boulder

6. Barren walk of Spiti…Read more


Pin Bhaba Pass Trek Blogs


3. The challenges of Pin Bhaba Pass Trek

Known to be the sister trek of Pin Parvati Pass in terms of scenic beauty and is considered to be a slightly less challenging than the latter, the Pin Bhaba Pass trek shouldn’t be taken lightly as a climb to 4900m needs proper acclimatization. Here are some of the challenges associated with the trek which will help you prepare better.

1. Coping with altitude gain by getting acclimatized properly

2. Stream crossing between Kara and Pasha meadow might seem to be fun but is most definitely challenging…Read more on precautions while crossing river streams

3. Crossing moraines, scree, slush and boulders

4. Tricky crossings of Pin valley

5. Water points on the trail…Read on


Pin Bhaba Pass Trek Blogs


4. What makes the Pin Bhaba Pass trek different from the Pin Parvati Pass Trek?

If you are looking for a relatively easier and shorter trekker, consider the Pin Bhaba Pass trek. The Pin Bhaba trail shares a lot with the Pin Parvati Pass trek - half of the name, the grand, majestic views, the lush Kafnu valley, and the exit into the arid expanse of the Spiti valley at Mudh at Kaza. With stunning campsite locations, a sacred lake, glacier walk, and the desolate Spiti valley, The Pin Bhaba pass and Pin Parvati pass share a lot of similarities but with different intensities.

The Pin Parvati Pass gives you tricky sub-vertical boulder crossings, a thrilling glacier crossing, multiple river crossings, beautiful flora and fauna all of which makes it an adventure of a lifetime for any trekker looking for a challenging trek to add to his forte. Doing the Pin Bhaba Pass trek will prepare you for the Pin Parvati Pass trek, both of which are unique.

With this being said, the Pin Bhaba pass shouldn't be taken lightly and one has to prepare well to be fit to undertake this trek comfortably.


Pin Bhaba Pass Trek Blogs


5. Why Pin Bhaba Pass Trek is a good alternative to Roopkund?

The unfortunate ban of Roopkund gives you an opportunity to explore newer and more diverse trails such as that of the Pin Bhaba Pass with a trail through the beautiful alpine Kinnaur to the stark Spiti, making it one of a kind in the Himalayas…Read more


Pin Bhaba Pass Trek Blogs


Make the Pin Bhaba Pass trek to experience a photo wonderland that it is, to take on some interesting challenges it throws at you, to explore its dramatic landscape setting a different level of awesomeness as compared to other Himalayan treks.

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