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Mother nature has treasure, but you gotta reach there to unveil it.

Aditya Gupta

Last updated: 19-06-2016

Some of them say, Journey is beautiful than the destination, they say there is a lot more to see at the destination, and others say, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. And then a great soul said,

It's everywhere, you need to unveil it, for that you need to travel, explore, and experience.

I will introduce you that great soul at the end of this trek experience.

Okay, even if you do not agree with the great soul, you will definitely experience this as I take you through the tranquil trail, that holds the treasure in shape of mighty mountains covered with snow, flowing streams and river, the beautifying flower farms, and the favoring weather.
There are places that are attractive, but there are places which are majestic and magnetic. Beas Kund is one of them.

If you cannot wait, here is a glimpse for you.


Mother nature has treasure, but you gotta reach there to unveil it.

But Before we reach Beas Kund, let us see why to trek
Even some trek fellows still ponder whats their reason behind trekking, below are some of my reasons and take away learnings:-
When we start it is beautiful, but for the superlative degree you have to get up there. "The farther you go, the better it gets".
"It strengthens one's will to achieve targets howsoever difficult". It is a practice ground of "Do not loose hope and confidence in yourself. Its tough but not impossible". Few Kms into the mountains gets extremely tiring, but then pushing oneself beyond all limits, physically and mentally, and completing the trek, woohhhhooo. There is a feeling, satisfaction, and one uncovers their physical and mental strength. 
I go time and again to validate all these learnings.
I do not confine the lessons to trekking, but take them to life. 
Find your own reasons, go for it, because experiences are meant to be experienced and shared thereafter.

 Above all, you add albums and moments to the memories

Mother nature has treasure, but you gotta reach there to unveil it.

I am talking of Beas Kund, which is source of first tributary of river Beas, that flows through the Manali, where tourist cherish the mix of distantly flowing river and farther snow clad peaks.
But we are talking of next level. This touristy thing, is not my taste anymore.
And the trek begins.....
I called up Gearish(Trek lead from Bikat), to tell him that I want to join him for the next day batch to Beas Kund trek. And as prompt as I was, he too nodded and asked me to see him the very next morning at 9 am , Mall Road, Manali, Himachal Pradesh. I found this tall friend in front of a restaurant Chopsticks, where he was waiting for my new trek fellows.
One by one we gathered there. And it took less time in knowing each other, and it was natural. We moved forward for breakfast, and soon thereafter rushed back to catch our ride to Dhundi(where the trek actually begins).
We 8 people easily mixed up, and thank god the gossips didn't reach careers, and profession for long. 
All we could talk was fun and beauty of the valley and peaks, we were approaching.
With one hour drive from Manali in a Qualis (team of 8, a driver and a guide were pushed into it) crossing SOLANG valley(now known for Paragliding), we reached the village Dhundi. It caught our eyes and is beautiful more than one would expect. All thanks to Gearish who did hard work to obtain permit for our taxi, otherwise due to ongoing govt. project, vehicles are not allowed beyond SOLANG.
And everyone forgot the trek and wandered around in Dhundi, to uncover the surroundings. The long lasting treat for eyes had begun.
I was silently watching the peaks through the valley, I was in Love with em.


The beginning

Mother nature has treasure, but you gotta reach there to unveil it.

The bridge we drove through to Dhundi.

Mother nature has treasure, but you gotta reach there to unveil it.

Let me introduce the characters of this story:-


Rahul - This guy is an Automobile engineer at Mercedes-Benz. He is stylish in proportion with the car he works at.

Kaartik - Though he appears like a detective, he works as an advocate.

Ashwin - The guy with dimple, Mercedes-Benz again.

Niveda - Business analyst, all what I know.

Shweta - I beg your pardon.

The Great soul - needs no introduction.


The above characters are all real and can be seen(from right to left) in picture below captured enroute Bakar Thatch

 PS: the two missing characters are -

Shobhna  - Teacher Ji

Gearish/Girish - Our trek lead and organizer

Mother nature has treasure, but you gotta reach there to unveil it.

The first day towards Bakar Thatch - our base camp site

Hey Bikatians, I enjoy this theme . Thanks for not making it a day hike. While you setup basecamp at Bakar Thatch, we get more time to cherish in lap of nature, get another night stay atop Hills. And consequently more stories.

The first day is 4 to 5 km trek to Bakar Thatch, which takes 4 hours to 5:30 hours for rabbits and turtles respectively. On the trail we find a farm full of flowers, stream crossings, and breath taking views as we gradually trek upwards. Crossing the tributary stream with heavy flow 6 times, tastng the valley view left me spell bound. We stopped many a times took pictures, and gradually moved to the place where our kitchen tent was setup. The uphill was quite tiring for first day. Even though not much long distance but it broke down Teacher ji. Teacher Ji somehow reached the first day destination with help of Girish who carried her bag.

Crossing river streams, was challenging and fun equallly. We had to balance over the rocks in river. One mistake and we would be wearing wet shoes for the next 3 days(They hardly get dry).

After we reached the tents and rested for an hour, Gearish taught each one of us, setting up tents, using sleeping bags, and norms of being in nature. The best thing he taught us was, "not to leave any traces behind, in terms of garbage ruining the place".

We were treated with Vegetable rice(pulao - khichdi), Pakodas, and hot tea. Thereafter we walked little more uphill for acclimatization, followed by gossips that continued for hours, even though we were tired to fall asleep then and there. Late night after dinner we moved into our tents, and within a while we were asleep.


At river crossing enroute Bakar Thatch

Mother nature has treasure, but you gotta reach there to unveil it.

When approaching Bakar Thatch

Mother nature has treasure, but you gotta reach there to unveil it.

Tracing the path to Beas kund on second day of the trek, seems challenging, beautiful, apparent, and tiring, but, when we actually walk through that, each one of these is in abundance(more than expected and visible).


The initial uphill journey is heck hectic. The trail starts with boulders, and throughout has boulders until the first glimpse of water fall which is source of water at Beas Kund.

We started in morning after delicious breakfast(had various options) and stretching excercises, following the local guide through the boulders.

Wait a minute, Teacher Ji, didn't accompany the team. So she stayed back in tents sleeping till evening.

So, it was a steep uphill trek along the turbulent flow of river and to squeeze us more, it started raining. I had to practice "ekla cholo re", and telling myself, "Yes I can do it", I lied to myself "bass aane hi wala hai". And only all these strategies helped me reach hilltop. The view of Friendship peak was mesmerizing on one side, and we were surrounded by mighty mountains. The path was thereafter through the large boulders and we jumped good as monkeys from one rock to another. When Local guide(Pana bhaiya) told us we were walking over the glacier, the movement got swift. 

Just before Beas Kund, there was the final river stream crossing, it was adventurous and thus fun. We couldn't have crossed it without holding the hands of local guide, who made a path with rocks and stones in the turbulent river.

And then we marked our presence at Beas Kund. The green and clean pond was silent, and sitting by its side, we cherished watching the clouds decoratinng the mountains and sky. We had our packed lunch and swiftly moved back to Bakar thatch for our tents. The most challenging river crossing had turned stormy due to bucketing cats and dogs. 

Rahul and local guide, took the initiative and helped everyone get through the stormy river. Wet in rain, tired, skidding, slipping, we reached back to tents, rested and went silent. For hours I sat down a place, and was transfixed starring at mighty distant Friendship peak.


Next day, I followed the Pana bhaiya and within 3 hours got back to Dhundi. 

Kept looking back while moving downhill, or call it the magnetic effect which was pulling me back, but we left the place to come back again. 

Yet to introduce, another character of the story. This Dog accompanied us throughout the trek for 2 nights 3 days, and owed special thanks.

Mother nature has treasure, but you gotta reach there to unveil it.

The End

Mother nature has treasure, but you gotta reach there to unveil it.

Aditya Gupta

A software engineer (web technologies) at work, turned trekker by bikats, who challenges himself by Read more

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  • Dharm Raj Srivastava | 15 July 2016

    Nicely complied story but who was the great soul?

  • Aditya Gupta | 21 July 2016

    Hey DHARMA RAJ SRIVASTAVA!The great soul is the one who compiled, None other than Aditya Gupta. :D

  • Aditya Gupta | 30 July 2016

    @Dharm Raj: The one who introduced the great soul