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How to Use : Microspikes

Sarthak Madan

Last updated: 13-11-2018

Bikat's HOW TO USE series provides information about how to choose and use trekking or climbing equipment like backpacks, boots, gaiters, microspikes and a lot more.

Microspikes are flexible metal frames with spikes on the bottom that can be slipped onto your shoes or boots. They provide increased traction for walking on low angled snow and ice.


  • Sit down and place your feet on an uphill slope. You will not be able to wear the microspikes properly while sitting.
  • Align the microspikes in the correct position. The toe bail, which looks like a thin bar, should be near the the front of your feet, aligned with your toes. The rubber ring/loop will be facing upwards, and the spikes will be facing towards the ground.
  • Slip on the microspikes like a pair of socks, toes first. Your feet will go through the rubber loop. Secure the rear end of the spikes around your heel.

Sarthak Madan

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  • | 15 November 2018

    Which microspikes are good? What do you guys use?