Kashmir Great Lakes Trek Blogs

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Last updated: 11-04-2019

Kashmir Great Lakes Trek Blogs


Kashmir, a paradise on earth, hosts the Kashmir Great Lakes Trek which is exotic and divine in many ways. Known to present some of the most scenic views of any trek, KGL involves crossing over three mountain passes to reach innumerable high altitude lakes making it physically challenging but all worth the effort. The beautiful turquoise color of the lakes dominates this trek.

This blog shares why KGL should be your next trek.


Kashmir Great Lakes Trek Blogs


1. 5 reasons why Kashmir Great Lakes should be your next trek

When it comes to Kashmir Great Lakes, your mind automatically starts imagining the picturesque sceneries and natural lakes. This trek is unique compared to other Himalayan treks. No other trek will provide you such pristine and stunningly pretty high altitude alpine likes like KGL does.

1. Innumerable lakes of KGL – Vishansar, Kishansar, Gadsar, Satsar, Gangbal…

2. Hike in the scented pine tree forest

3. Involves crossing of 3 passes making it physically and mentally challenging

4. Srinagar’s jewel – Dal lake

5. Get to know the Kashmiri culture…Read more


Kashmir Great Lakes Trek Blogs


2. Highlights of KGL

As they say, once you visit Kashmir, your heart stays there forever. This trek is an exemplary example of the beauty of the state. Kashmir is more than just Srinagar, Gulmarg and Sonamarg. This trek proves why Kashmir evokes emotions of love and grandeur. Here are some of the highlights of the trek.

1. Explore the Kashmir valley

2. Silver birch trees of Nichnai

3. Numerous Lake views from the passes of Nichnai and Gadsar

4. Zig-zag trail from Gadsar to Satsar

5. Spot the seven lakes of Satsar

6. Stunning views of Nandkul and Gangbal lakes from Jiz Pass…Read on


Kashmir Great Lakes Trek Blogs


3. Fun activities to do at KGL trek while trekking

Here is a list of 5 fun activities that you can expect/do while trekking through the valley of Kashmir Great Lakes:

1. Playing cricket on a cricket ground at 12171 ft

2. Fishing at Vishansar and Gangbal lake

3. Spot the hidden lakes

4. Have wild berries

5. Take a dip in the glacier lake of Gangbal…Read more


Kashmir Great Lakes Trek Blogs


4. What makes the Kashmir Great Lakes so Blue?

The Kashmir lakes are oligotrophic in nature. Meaning, these lakes are found in cold and high-altitude regions with very low nutrient levels. Being highly oxygen-rich, they support the survival of a lot of fish which depend on cold, oxygenated waters. Due to low nutrient levels, there is a lack of algae and aquatic plants in the lake, making the lake super-clean and crystal clear. Most of these lakes in KGL come from glaciers and these glacially fed lakes reflect the sunlight making them blue in color…Read more


Kashmir Great Lakes Trek Blogs


5. The legend of Kashmir Great Lakes Trek

Apart from the beauty and the brilliantly blue lakes of KGL, there is a strange story associated with one of its lakes, the Gadsar Lake. Gadsar translates to “Lake of fishes” but according to legend it has a less popular name, Yemsar, meaning “Lake of Demon” or the “Lake of Death”.

According to the shepherds, they have sighted a huge freshwater octopus living under the glimmering lake of Gadsar which has snatched and preyed on their flocks of sheep that have wandered to close to the lake. This is why they refrain from fishing from the lake or going too close to the lake and keep their herds as far away as possible.

Do you believe this to be true? How legit is this legend?... Read more


Kashmir Great Lakes Trek Blogs


A trek to Kashmir Great Lakes takes you through some of the most pristine locations of unparalleled beauty, glittering lakes, sublime meadows and high passes all the while showing you a different side of Kashmir, one that gives you views of heaven and mysterious legends which will make you undertake this trek in a heartbeat.


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