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Adventure of Meesapulimala “A walk to remember”


Last updated: 31-07-2017

Meesapulimala Trek 


Hi, friends If you want to walk through the mist, clouds, and fog, Meesapulimala is one among the most beautiful and adventurous places in southern Kerala, for trekking.

This beautiful hilly area, surrounded by the thick forest and thick shrubs are well-known for its adventurous trekking and wildlife. This place is close to Munnar and is one of the best places in Munnar for trekking lovers. Meesapulimala is the second highest peak in Kerala after "Anamudi'.

The Meesapulima Peak is called so because it resembles a tiger’s face. “Meesa,” means mustache, “puli,” means tiger and “mala,” means hill.

After the successful completion of Hemkund Sahib and The valley of flower trek, we planned for next trip to Kerala which included Meesapulimala trek. Thanks to Praveen Shekhar who arranged this tip very well.

The journey began on January 12th from IGI airport to Cochin which was 4 days short trip. I only want to talk about the 1st-day trek to Meesapulimala.

After landing in Kochi airport we needed to reach the silent valley which was approximately 4 hours’ drive. Reaching the silent valley was quite a challenge because it was a private road with the narrow lane. The area was surrounded by a tea plantation and there are two-three deviations on the way. I couldn’t find anyone on that road until I reached the silent valley base camp.

By the time we reached base camp, it was late around 7 pm. We had a warm welcome at the base camp. The place is bestowed with blissful solitude. No phone calls, no busy schedule, no vehicle noise or pollution. Electricity for the camp is generated using the microturbine.

The best thing about Munnar is chillness in the weather. We spent the night in the outdoors by sitting around the campfire sharing stories and delicious south Indian supper. All we could see was the unending layers of hills, beautiful waterfalls and the mesmerizing sky full of stars.


Adventure of Meesapulimala “A walk to remember”

Main Camp

Adventure of Meesapulimala “A walk to remember”

View from the camp

We woke up early morning and after freshening up we had breakfast. From the base camp, we started walking around 8 am. The trail started with a steep ascent.

In 30 minutes we reached the top of the falls and had our first break there. The walk was through marshy land and almost every one of us had leeches crawling on our legs. But after that, we entered into some plain grasslands and from this point, the walk was a little easier and we could cover more distance in less time.



Adventure of Meesapulimala “A walk to remember”

The fall

Adventure of Meesapulimala “A walk to remember”

Adventure of Meesapulimala “A walk to remember”

Middle of the Jungle

By 12 pm we reached Rhodovalley which was 6 km from base camp and had a 15 minutes break there. Crossing the large valley through the grasslands we reached the base of the mountain and trek leader said Meesapulimala is behind this mountain.

I was anxious to see the destination and wanted to ascend fast but all I could do was to drag my foot one after another. Don’t know why but I was feeling very tired. But the fact which I later realized was that I have reached the maximum level of my stamina. Walking 8 km through the steep hills drained out my stamina.

Adventure of Meesapulimala “A walk to remember”

Mighty Meesapulimala


After reaching the top of the mountain trek leader showed us the Meesapulimala. It was an enormous structure to look at and the very sight itself boosted me up and I decided I won’t turn back leaving this giant unconquered.

After crossing one more valley in 20 minutes we reached the base of Meesapulimala. All the team members were tired and we took a break before starting the final lap.

There were no obstructions in front and the top of the peak was visible from that point. I Don’t know from where I got that energy but I wanted to do the whole final ascent in one stretch. I neither looked up the top nor did I looked back just concentrated on my foot and kept both my legs moving one after the other. The fresh air was helping a lot. A long breath was enough to continue whenever I felt like stopping.


Adventure of Meesapulimala “A walk to remember”

Awesome long trek

Adventure of Meesapulimala “A walk to remember”

Want some more?


At 02:00 pm I touched the top of Meesapulimala.

It was a great moment of happiness when I reached the top. The view from Meesapulimala top was simply unbelievable. All the surrounding hills seemed like little dwarfs and it made Meesapulimala really a giant. I clicked the view but I could never get the real picture that we saw with our eyes. Cameras could capture 60% of what we can see there I would say.

We could see the Kolukkumalai hills, Yellapetty, top station, Kurangini area, and a lot of other hills. We spent blissful 30 minutes there.  


Adventure of Meesapulimala “A walk to remember”

Finally at the top!

By 02:30 pm it was time for us to say goodbye to Meesapulimala.

We were taking another route while descending and trek leader showed the way in front. But the story doesn’t end here. What goes up must come down right?

And it is always the coming down part that is wrought with danger and fun. If climbing was difficult because of the effort we have to put in, it was easier in a safer sense. We were in control of our steps and always had the upper hand. But while going downhill, the cruel gravity came into play. We all know how cruel it can be. With a full heart we started descending through the other side. Descended down the hills and covered a valley. Then there were small hills which were easier to walk through. A look back would give the Majestic view of Meesapulimala.

Adventure of Meesapulimala “A walk to remember”

Now we can walk straight!

Adventure of Meesapulimala “A walk to remember”


We treaded slowly and cautiously along the slippery path, following each other’s lead and taking the best path possible. Many slipped and lost balance and were doubtful of their next step, but we lent a helping hand and picked them up, dusted them off and again continued in out path. We were a team, a team united by some common motive.

Adventure of Meesapulimala “A walk to remember”

View from the top

Adventure of Meesapulimala “A walk to remember”


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    You could have hired a jeep from the base camp to the Rhodo Valley to save time.