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Instagram Photo Contest January 2018 Results

Neelam Khanduri

Last updated: 14-02-2018

After almost a month of posting, hashtagging, sharing, and voting we know you all are eagerly waiting for the Instagram Photo Contest January 2018 Results. 

This time the contest attracted more than 1200 splendid photos and we are grateful to everyone for participating in the contest with their best trekking shots. 

Selecting 3 winners was indeed a daunting task for our judge, Mr. Srijan Banerjee and the results were very close, particularly amongst the top 15 nominations. But finally, we have our top 3 winners. 


1st Prize (Bikat Voucher worth INR 10,000): Umesh Joshi

Instagram Photo Contest January 2018 Results

Srijan's view:

The picture has an amazing depth of field – the two climbers are maybe 10 feet away from the photographer while the range of mid-height mountains on the backdrop is 5 to 8 km away! Yet all of it is in reasonable focus! This is good aperture control.

Plus, the shot is candid, that is, the people are not posing for the camera, that makes it beautiful and natural. True emotions are captured: the tiered trekker pushing for the summit.

And above all, it's Stok! The adventure quotient is right up there!

2nd Prize (Bikat Voucher worth INR 6,000): Ranjith Kumar

Instagram Photo Contest January 2018 Results

Srijan's View:

A very close second (as per me). Beautiful shot, capturing shadows and sunlight valleys and mountains with great light and color balance.

Reasons for loss: Adventure quotient is lower than Stok. The people in the shot are very distant (again, in comparison to the Stok picture).

3rd Prize (Bikat Voucher worth INR 4,000): Debarup & Tina

Instagram Photo Contest January 2018 Results

Srijan's View:

Amazing picture, A really great concept of lighting up a head torch into the night sky.

The light from the torch blends into the galaxy superbly. Great job on exposure control: capturing the galaxy, despite the light in the tents.

Viewer's Choice Prize (Bikat Voucher worth INR 5000): Debarup & Tina

Instagram Photo Contest January 2018 Results

It is purely fortuitous that along with the 3rd prize, this picture has also got maximum (957) out of a total of (3857) eligible votes in a 4-days long voting on our website and won Viewers' Choice Prize 

A big Congratulations to all our contest winners! smile


We are very much thankful to everyone who participated. Every single entry was amazing.

Now be ready for the more exciting contest in the future. 

Keep Trekking, Keep Capturing and Keep Posting with #Bikatadventures laughing

All the best! 

Guest Judge: Srijan Banerjee

I really like to explore places, especially but not limited to mountains.

I also have an exceptional knack for photography. I feel photography is the perfect blend of Arts and Science!

Whoever is reading this, I hope we meet on an adventure someday!


Neelam Khanduri

While traversing the black and white I found wild is my color. Insta Handle: @mywildernessdiaries Read more

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