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What equipment do we use on our treks and expeditions?

Dhaarna Kukreja

Last updated: 11-12-2017

Being an adventure travel company, safety is always our priority. Our motto is to provide our participants with a feeling of thrill and adventure remaining in the safety bounds. Therefore, we take no chances in the quality of our equipment.

We at Bikat provide our participants with high-quality equipment on all our treks and expeditions. From tents to sleeping bags to Jumars and ropes, everything we use is tested and certified. Here is the list of all the safety equipment and logistics we use on our treks and expeditions so that you have no qualms about your safety on the trek:


We provide two kinds of tents on our treks- 4 season tents and 3 season tents.

  • 4 season tents

The 4-s is made of durable material to provide shelter and comfort at extreme temperatures. The spacious tent is big enough to accommodate 3 people at once and large enough that you can sit inside the tent without your head hitting the ceiling. We use it for 2 persons only. It has also got a large door entry to provide easy access to the interiors.

The two vestibules inside the tents are big enough to accommodate your rucksack. It has got three layers- a ventilating micro mesh, a nylon taffeta canopy, and a waterproof rainfly to provide protection from rain, snowfall, and hailstorm. We have custom developed these tents with leading mountaineering equipment manufactures of India - Gipfel. With lightweight and extremely strong Aluminium DAC poles, the tents can stand heavy snowfall and snowstorms easily.

What equipment do we use on our treks and expeditions?

  • 3 season tent 

3 season tent is a tent suitable for low altitude campsites and moderate snow. It comes with an outer rainfly and a big enough door for ventilation. The tents are made of PU coated Polyester material which has a proven record of withstanding heavy thunderstorms and assure you no leaks in the tent.

The tent is spacious enough to accommodate two people at a time with a peak height of 110 cm and floor size of 145 x 220 cm. There is also a vestibule to place your rucksack providing you sufficient space inside.

What equipment do we use on our treks and expeditions?

Sleeping bags

To ensure that our participants have a good night sleep after a hard day of trekking, we provide them with super-cozy and comfort sleeping bags.

Our sleeping bags are made up of Heat Seeker Pro synthetic insulation that can provide you comfort in -10 degrees celsius. We also use additional fleece liners to have thermal efficiency even in the extreme temperatures of -17 degrees Celsius.

For extreme weather treks like Chadar, we have specialized bags that can easily keep you warm at temperatures around -30*C or even lower. 

What equipment do we use on our treks and expeditions?

The sleeping bag is 243 cm long in height which comes with a hood and a foot box to allow natural movement. The shape of the sleeping bag is designed in a way that you get a room for lateral movement also eliminating the excess space so the warmth doesn’t escape out.

Our sleeping bags also have detachable cotton liners to keep you warm and maintain hygiene. The liners are cleaned with disinfectant and sprayed with perfume after every trek.

Microspikes & Gaiters

We have UIAA certified microspikes and tested gaiters for all our snow or high altitude treks. Spikes and gaiters are provided by us on various treks like Roopkund, Rupin Pass, Kuari Pass, etc, as & if required.

For mountaineering expeditions, we have got, UIAA certified crampons.

What equipment do we use on our treks and expeditions?

Safety Equipment

Our expedition leaders are always geared up with necessary safety equipment like ropes (8mm static), carabiners, decender, harness, ice axe, jumar, pulleys, and slings on all the treks and expeditions. All our safety equipment are UIAA certified.

What equipment do we use on our treks and expeditions?

What equipment do we use on our treks and expeditions?

First-aid kit

Medical emergencies can arrive anywhere, even in the mountains. Therefore, our expedition leaders always carry a fully-equipped medical kit for all kinds of medical emergencies. All our expedition leaders and local guides are trained in first-aid so that they can administer immediate help in case of any mishap. The kit not just has all prescribed medicines but also specialized equipment & medicines like oxy-meter, oxygen cylinders, dexamethasone, nifedipine, etc. for high altitude treks.

What equipment do we use on our treks and expeditions?

Portable furniture

Leaving no stone unturned to make our participants feel more comfortable, we even carry stools and tables on our treks provided that there are more than 5 participants.

Dining time is the best time to form a cormadarie. We have comfy and spacious dining tents where all participants have their meals in harmony.  It can accommodate around 15 people at a time. At dinner time, the tent is lighted up with solar lamps so that you can enjoy your dinner in peace.

What equipment do we use on our treks and expeditions?

Toilet tents

Having decent toilet tents is a must for all treks. Our toilet tents are disinfected regularly. We usually do not use western commode unless specifically desired by any of our customized groups.

What equipment do we use on our treks and expeditions?

PS: The list of equipment above is our commitment and in case you find gaps on any trek, then directly escalate the issue to our Customer Engagement Team by writing @ and addressing it to Mr. Anil Jo Thomas.

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