When I thought about the Brahma on Brahmatal Trek!

Ashwin Muralidharan

Last updated: 29-12-2021

Think about an unfished story, an incomplete painting, or even a piece of music without a rhythm. 

What do you think happens to them? 

Why do they never get closure?

Where do they go? 

When I went on the Brahmatal Trek, I felt a cosmic connection that gave rise to a lot of questions in me. The legends say that the almighty Creator Brahma went to the serene Glacial lake Brahmatal to meditate there. Unknowingly my mind automatically stepped into his shoes and tried to ponder the situation.

But, why here?

Why to Brahmatal?

If I need ideas to write or plan something, I either talk to people or research or even pray.  But when the quest reaches god’s mode, where does he go?

He created humans, movable and immovable things, the cosmos, and everything in it which has an intricate connection through senses and mind.

Was he an artist?

Was he a sculptor?

Or was he a painter?

After waking through the fairyland filled with oak and rhododendron trees, sitting near the crystal green glacial lake, sleeping on the huge meadows which reflected the colors of the sun and the moon, and standing in iconic spots with a larger-than-life view of the Himalayan peak Trishul, I realized that he must have been a painter.

This trek was neither tough nor stressful. The path to reach the unknown or the almighty is not all that tough. Brahmatal is the perfect example of that. From kids to elders, everyone around me enjoyed it. There were layers everywhere, just like the patterns of a portrait. There were hues of different colors which created a natural frame of life in our mind. Some lights and shadows reflected the deep and darkest inner thoughts of our hearts. In short, the Brahmatal trek is a masterpiece.

The most alluring aspects of this trek are the two Glacial lakes : Bekaltal and Brahmatal.

Bekaltal Lake:

Bekaltal is a serene olive-green frozen lake with hues of light brown on it. Bekal means frog and Tal means lake. Bekal Tal means frog lake. As the mythological story goes, the locals believe that a snake deity protects them from calamities. That deity had a frog as a faithful servant. Because of its humble nature and loyalty, the deity made a lake for it. 

When I sat beside the frozen green lake, the reflection of the tall oak trees dancing with the flow of the wind was mesmerizing to watch.


When I thought about the Brahma on Brahmatal Trek!


Brahmatal lake- 

True to its story, this place carries a spiritual vibe. Pure white in color, the lake looked like a pool in the depths of the heavens in the winter. Accompanied by a single tree, this place has flat rocks that naturally invited me to sit and go into a deep trance. At night the stars and the moon twinkled on the ice sheet and gave a celestial glow. As I went deep into my thoughts, an unknown energy embraced my body. After a few minutes, I felt like I had become a part of this place.


When I thought about the Brahma on Brahmatal Trek!


Both the lakes gave me a sense of serenity. But, my curiosity about the creator did not leave me.

What made him come here in the first place?  

Here’s a possible scenario- maybe Brahma, the Creator was suffering from a creative block himself. And so he wandered heaven and earth looking for inspiration. Maybe, he stumbled upon this lake by accident when walking around the Himalayas. And maybe, this is where he got his inspiration. He must have painted some more into it, stacking up layers of mountains along the horizon and around the lake with several flora and fauna in an attempt to add more character to the place. Maybe, that is how the lake got his name.


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