We are at the end of yet another spectacular year of

hitting new milestones,

unearthing fresh trails,

embarking on newer adventures,

while tackling challenges and overcoming them along the way.

When we look back,


like all years, has had its fair share of ups and downs.

But, one thing that has remained constant is the support, warmth and love that our trekking community has always showered on us.



As a little show of gratitude to our lovely community, we have planned


for the month of December.

Three very, very lucky winners get to walk away with some of our most sought after and in-demand products in our portfolio.

Note: We will be hosting the giveaway on our instagram and facebook channels. To participate in it, do ensure you are following us on either platform.

With that out of the way, we are super thrilled to disclose our very first giveaway of December!

Here’s a little hint: You will only need this one pass to cover all the Passes in the Himalayas ;)

 That’s right, the first giveaway is the newest and most celebrated product of ours: Bikat Pass 2022.

It is worth INR 20,000 but gifts you with so much more.



To win this pass, here’s what you need to do.

1. Download the picture here.

2. Upload the picture on your instagram or facebook account. Tell us how you plan on using Bikat Pass 2022 in the caption.

3. Make sure you follow and tag @bikatadventures, so that we don’t miss out on your post. If you have a private account, please take a screenshot of your post and mail it to us at contests.bikatadventures@gmail.com.

4. The contest for the first giveaway ends on the 10th of December.

5. We will announce the winner on the 12th of December.

 To find out more about the Bikat Pass, Click Here.


Giveaway 2:


Giveaway 3

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